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AH Creative Services designs, builds, and sells heirloom-quality board gaming tables.
Our tables are built to last with simple yet strong construction designs.  


Inset Playing Area/ Hold

The Inset Playing Area is 3 ½ inches of awesome and designed to keep your game pieces and bits from rolling onto the floor- or worse, being lost forever. It also allows for marathon gaming sessions, without needing to remember and reset the board every time. 


Table Top

A two-piece topper that nests on top giving you a solid, spill-resistant surface. 



Upgrade your table with Player Boards, GM/DM Boards, and Cup Holders. 


Many Types of Woods & Stains to Choose From

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XT013458 (1).jpg


After trying several foam and fabric combination, we have chosen a 6mm (1/4 inch) thick, closed-cell neoprene with a nylon surface. This specific foam allows you to easily pick up cards without dog earing the corners, while still leaving a nice 'thunk' as you roll your dice. The nylon produces an excellent gliding surface, allowing cards to easily glide from one end to the other. This choice also allows the mat to be completely removed from the table either for cleaning or for those times that you just want to hear that dice roll on wood.

Click here to view different color options for the nylon facing.
(Please note that there may be minor shifts in color due to display differences).

Custom Woodworking Services


AH Creative Services provides exceptional woodworking services, and the sky is the limit as far as products available. Do you have a DIY that you just can't do yourself?
Contact us and we will make it happen!